University of Minnesota
Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts

Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts


  • Venues

    The Spark Festival features a variety of diverse art and performancespaces in and near the University of Minnesota's West Bank campus.This year's venues include:

    Spark Central :: Love Power


    Located at 1407 South Washington Avenue, the "Love Power Church" building is an historic and iconic presence on the West Bank. This is the central venue for SPARK concert programming and Night Life.

    Please join us at the Love Power venue for dinner starting Wednesday and lunch starting Thursday, thanks to of the Jewel of India.

    Regis Center for Art


    The Regis is home to the University of Minnesota's art department. It hosts a number of gallery spaces and workshop facilities, and has featured some the Spark Festival's most physically grandiose works.

    Barbara Barker Center for Dance


    The Barbara Barker Center for Dance is a facility for both instruction and public dance performances, the building plays an important role in the development of a dance program and the University's arts district on the West Bank Campus.

    1419 Washington


    A rising star in the West Bank grassroots and collaborative arts scene, the "1419" is among the most innovatively conceived artspaces in the Twin Cities area. This unique building hosts the Festival's noise concerts.

    February 5th, 2010