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Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts

Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts

Submissions / Call for Works

  • Submissions

    Spark invites submissions of art, dance, theater, and music works incorporating new media, including electroacoustic concert music, experimental electronica, theatrical and dance works, installations, kinetic sculpture, artbots, video, and other non-traditional genres.

    Submissions are accepted in the following categories:

    • Installation+Visual Art
    • Composer+Performer
    • Night Life
    • Improvisation
    • Noise+Industrial
    • Theater+Dance
    • Works for Outdoor Public Spaces
    • Animation/Video
    While the festival provides technical support for the accepted works, we do not provide musicians. Submissions are therefore limited to works that are performed by the composer or by musicians/performers congregated by the composer.

    Spark receives submissions strictly through the online system. We encourage submitters to provide a URL to supporting audio/video media in the highest quality possible. In cases where high quality audio is not available online, file uploads are accepted (.wav or .aif, less than 128 MB in size). Video file uploads are not accepted.

    The submissions period has now ended. Notifications have already been sent out.

    Bellow are the submissions that were selected for programing.

    Sub. ID Title Submitter Name
    5 Wet Sounds Joel cahen Cahen
    13 Ghostband Jon Davis
    21 leuchtertrautfernemdnahes Philipp Blume
    35 2l2code Pedro Lopez
    38 Mine ?
    42 Davis / Henrickson / Schoster / Varis Erik Schoster
    44 greyfield michael trommer
    53 YesNo David Bithell
    56 Suite intermediale - Part I Joerg U. Lensing
    57 2001: A Space Odyssey Matthew Ostrowski
    69 Le Rossignol et Lafrance Francis Rossignol
    79 Time Sculptures III - Excerpt Ge-Suk Yeo
    87 Automated Voice Response 5-6 Andrew Armstrong
    88 So/On Patrick Scott
    94 Goodday Montag's So-So Sound Lab Todd Reubold
    95 The Ship Kristian Twombly
    97 Sinus Aestum Bret Battey
    103 VLAD TRIO Vladan Milenkovic
    123 Microfiche David Butler
    128 Scant Intone Constantine Katsiris
    153 I Believe I Believe I Believe Colin Holter
    160 Sonata for Musical Saw and Electronics Marcus Rubio
    166 Heckadecimal Josh Bestgen
    169 Kendall Station Live PA Mike Simpkins
    173 Eiliyas and Zano Nicholas Kelly
    176 alphabet games David Kim-Boyle
    180 FDS Joao Ricardo
    188 PAS Audio/Video Project Robert Pepper
    193 Mikkel Meyer Mikkel Meyer
    206 Improvisation45 Per Bloland
    210 Domesticated Animalia Izzi Ramkissoon
    212 Alex Kotch Alex Kotch
    218 Arnaldo Morales Arnaldo Morales
    233 ELECTROTUNING tajinder dhami
    244 mobile Wave Field Synthesis / The Game of Life Gilles Huygen
    250 Improvised Score, Mvt 1: Interface bryce beverlin II
    252 Fit into the crowd Julien-Robert Legault Salvail
    254 Coppice Noe Cuellar
    259 Colony Collapse Disorder Nathan Wheeler
    261 Click for details Alessandro Perini
    264 lumen memoria Richard Dawson
    267 Magnetic Resonance Music Jeffrey Hass
    283 (in)difference/s Steve WANNA
    301 houseluna Ryan Weber
    309 Words To Dead Lips Pramila Vasudevan
    311 Silounds Benjamin Taylor
    312 Wind Music Laszlo Kiss
    318 Where is your art? Marton Andras Juhasz
    339 none paul hegarty
    342 Vultures Quartet Will Connor
    343 Shugoran Dayvid Masky
    344 STIMULINE Lynn Pook
    348 OVERCAST SOUND Michael Pettit
    357 Ascension/ Immersion Coble/Riley Projects
    365 Sans Mouvement II Tomas Phillips
    367 An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common Mark-David Hosale
    372 Configuration #2 Angel Faraldo
    379 Merkaba Live Visuals Eric Gelehrter
    382 Jazari Patrick Flanagan
    394 HIDden Lyn Goeringer
    395 earWorm Improv Ensemble james holdman
    405 John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn John Saint-Pelvyn
    410 Taking a Query="line" for a Walk Cristobal Mendoza
    413 . . . silence of things secret . . . Matthew Goodheart
    414 MAN QUA MAN Andrew Grathwohl
    415 Give More Expect Less Michael Doocey
    416 Responsorium: for soprano and computer Akira Takaoka
    417 Power Bill Henson
    421 Awry Ricardo Tejero
    424 Untitled (TBD) Jeff Lubow
    425 Dolly Fabian Winkler
    426 The Elocuter: I must remind you we live in DADA times... Shannon McMullen
    427 Numina (for flute, viola and harp) Kevin Ernste
    428 A toy guitar in nature Azumi Yokomizo
    438 Charged Objects Jared Nielsen
    439 MKR Lucas Melchior
    440 Pineal Eye Richard Korepanow
    442 El Arbol de la noche triste John MacCallum
    447 The Radiologist's Room Arash Radkia
    448 The Tehran Zoo Arash Radkia
    August 1st, 2010